Joyce Reid Capital is a real estate investment company that serves both buyers and sellers of real estate. We cater to small investors, large investors, home buyers and home sellers alike. We pride ourselves on offering multiple options to any party that comes to work with us.


Brennan Reid


Brennan Reid was born and raised in the sunny state of Arizona. He moved to Florida in late 2009 where he attended Full Sail University. It was here where he met his first mentor/professor who got him involved in Tax Deed Investments. Brennan acquired his first investment property while in college at age 19. He immediately fell in love with the business and industry and decided to drop out of college to pursue his passion in real estate full time immediately. While pursuing the investments, Reid also worked in property management where he specialized in acquisition of new portfolios. It was about three years later when he teamed up with his good childhood friend to launch Joyce Reid Capital.


Brian Joyce


Brian was born in Maryland but raised in Arizona. He attended Arizona State University, graduating with a degree in Business Law and also obtaining a certificate in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Brian didn’t always know he was going to do real estate, but his business mind drove him to start a company. As old junior high school friends, Brennan told Brian about his early real estate investments one summer and Brian wanted to get involved. One thing led to another and Joyce Reid Capital was born.